Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Bountiful Summer

Last week I was lucky enough to be offered produce from two gardens.  From Janet I received runner beans, yellow courgettes and plums, and from Roz some blackcurrants, and three small heads of garlic.  Roz did not think the garlic would have come to much as they had 'bolted'.  The seed heads were so pretty that I brought them home too.

Its ages since I had my allotment and grew garlic, but found an interesting blog on the subject, in which Justyna talks about all things garlic.  I thought the purple bulbils on these scapes were rather photogenic.  However with my Mrs Mace Preserves cap on, I decided to blanch them, and put them in a jar covered with olive oil, to give garlic infused oil for salad dressings in the next month or so.

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