Saturday, 13 August 2016

Yukon Flapjacks

This has been our bake for the first part of August 2016 on our Facebook page.....

Being just two of us, I decided to half the ingredients given in Jane Mason's Perfecting Sourdough.  There is still more than ample, after all neither of us are on the gold prospecting trail.  At first I wondered what is so different from the English drop scones or Scotch pancakes?  These are however sourdough, so from an interest point of view, and the challenge of baking every recipe in the book, the mixture was made, and the batter cooked....they taste delicious, but more so if left to rise after all the ingredients are mixed in!

There was still more batter left over, so rather than cook all the batter, I put it into the fridge overnight, and cooked the rest for our breakfast, which we had topped with plain yogurt, a drizzle of honey, and some roasted walnuts.  The ones which has a second rise were rather superior.  I feel that the flour had time to be 'disgested' by all the lovely sourdough bacteria overnight, and the batter had far more bubbles, and I wonder whether this way, no baking powder would be necessary.

When I make these again, I will measure out the starter, and refresh at about lunch time, mix all the ingredients around early evening, and then put the mixture overnight in the fridge ready for cooking for breakfast.


  1. I wish I have seen your post before I made a big batch of flapjacks from Jane's book. I was wondering if halving the amount would work. Also thank you for mentioning that the batter is even better the next day.

    1. Thanks Galina.... I think it's time I made these again.