Thursday, 27 October 2016

Avoncroft Museum

We have a little note book...and in there we list places we would like to visit, places we may have glimpsed or heard mention, and we have been meaning to visit Avoncroft for some time.  With just a few days remaining in this area, we choose a lovely sunny day...and we were completely entertained.

The staff were really friendly, and we were invited to pick fruit from the orchard, and I found some lovely chestnuts..of course a little contribution was accepted.

One of the many exhibits which was really well done was the prefab house.  My mother lived in one in Hull, for a while when her home had been bombed, so I was very interested in all the details.  It was well furnished, and I recognised the style.   With very little money and fewer items to buy after the war, people continued to have the same things through the fifties and well into the sixties, and my mother had transported many of the items including a washing machine, half way across the globe!  I remember an old bathroom foot towels just like this one, but maybe it was in red.

The house felt quite spacious..modern homes must be getting smaller and smaller!

There was a lovely little tin chapel

and beyond a barn whose sides were made up of beautiful woven wooden lattice

was a working post windmill..we had a guided tour.

I haven't listed all the buildings or mentioned that two young burly men were enjoying themselves blacksmithing and turning out manly pokers, with lovely elegant twists, or the lovely apple orchard...but you get the idea....


  1. Isn't it wonderful that old windmill still working !

  2. One of my relatives (a Great Aunt) lived in a prefab in Hull, on Newland Avenue. I think that many - Great Aunt Ellen included - found them to be far more comfortable than they had been used to!