Saturday, 24 June 2017

Holiday Reading

One thing about hot weather and holidays is there is plenty of time to read.  Tracy Chevalier's books have always hit the spot as far as I am concerned.  I knew about this one when it was still on the printing blocks...loving trees as I do, this had a double attraction.  I ordered At the Edge of the Orchard  from the Library.  Cost £1.....Sorry no review but if you click on the link, you can read all out it.
My friend and blogger has just posted a very good review of another author new to me: Fredrik Backman.  She has written an excellent review, so I have ordered that book from the Library too.  I am so proud of the Library Service we have, and having a small house, and limited shelving, and a preference of reading rather than dusting books, I keep the home shelves mainly for reference books.

I read a light read  and left it in the hotel some on my Hudl...and also read Mr S's library book:

Again a very interesting read..and I shall be looking out for S D Sykes first book in this series.  I have chosen to give a link to a review.  Read it if you wish.  I prefer to discover the stories in books, as I read along, rather than have a good outline before I start.  However, it is rather good to read a review and summary after one has finished a book too.  Sometimes it makes one want to go back and reread them!

Joining the reading book club at Kenilworth WI really got me into reading novels again, so I am very grateful to them.  I have also found out what their current read is and will be looking out for that one too.  It would be nice to find a new reading group near me...but let me catch up with some home improvements....


  1. Thanks for the link, much appreciated. Interesting reviews, a bit dark for me I think, but good to know. Having lived in the library as a child and teenager a new book to me is one of my greatest pleasures, the smell of the paper and fresh ink, the untouched paper, I love it all. They then if not kept for another read, which they often are, do a very good loop around Kenilworth via my mother and all her friends.

  2. Can I recommend, The Sewing Machine by Natalie Fergie, a brilliant first novel by an independent yarn dyer.

    1. That looks really interesting, thanks for that Diane.