Saturday, 1 July 2017

Spending my pocket money again

I love to go into Wells on Market Days, and today was no exception.  Leaving Mr S at home, gives me the opportunity of having one of my frequent visits to the Bishop's Palace gardens.

At the ticket checking point I mentioned that I was looking for some Phlomis and wondered whether they had some, and would I be able to take a few cuttings.  I would of course have refrained had I been told that was not permitted, but as they now know me well, they said go ahead, and to tell the gardeners that I had been given permission.  I had seen quite a few Phlomis growing wild on La Gomera and very much admired their form., as shown by this plant growing on the stoniest of ground.  I had also grown both pink and yellow forms on sunny dry banks many years ago.

Sadly for me they only had the herbaceous phlomis, which I have,  whereas I was looking for the shrubby types.  I had seen Phlomis Longifolia v Bailanica at Powis Castle, I had admired Phlomis purpurea, and Phlomis Bronze Flamingo.  Hopefully there will be some at the next Plant Fair at the Palace on 20th August.

To console myself I was tempted by the plant stall selling herbs at the market.  I had not brought any Gold Feverfew with me from Kenilworth and would  miss the lovely way it self seeds amongst other herbaceous plants.

Then having admired many prostrate rosemary bushes growing in front gardens in the area, bought a small plant.  I think it will look good in a sunny spot and I have repotted it with plenty of grit and sand and shall move it around the garden for now.

Then there was the smallest of ground hugging Thymes.  This one is called Cabon Wine and Roses.  Eventually I want to under-plant the rotary washing line area with thymes...of course the washing line will live in the new shed when it is not in use.  I loved the way they carpeted my previous garden, and provided not only pretty flowers and lovely scents underfoot, but useful nectar
for the bees.

Now imagine me walking back towards my bike parked up at the other end of Town, laden down with bird feed, three new plants, library books etc...and I walk past the pop up stall run by Tadham Alpines.  Do I just walk by?  Little chance!

They had been missing for a week or so and I was very pleased that they were back in their normal place. I was admiring their planters, when I spied a plant which I really liked.  Could I really manage another plant?  If you see the right plant get it when you can I say!  Being silver I knew it would do for a dry sunny spot in the garden: Tanecetum densum subs amani.  I was lucky that they had an individual plant available.  It is now planted in front of Red Dragon.

This evening I was amused by the fact that the Feverfew is Tanacetum parthenium Aureum.  Two tanacetums in one day!

This week I have also been planting up seeds....and taking lots of cuttings to increase the stock from the single plants planted up in the nursery beds.  I am even trying cuttings of Geranium Rozanne...we shall see what will come of them.

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