Monday, 24 July 2017

In a Vase on Monday - Tickled Pink

I'm tickled pink that my Hydrangea Vanille Fraise has survived the move, and still in its large pot, is flowering beautifully in the middle of the lawn.  I love the white stage most of all..the plant is like a little pool of light against the Dark Holm Oak on the other side of the stone the weeks progress it will become Tickled Pink too!!

I stole myself to cut one stem..and then went around the garden to find some other material to in this week's vase I have:

Hydrangea Paniculata Vanielle Fraise...still at the white stage
Percisaria Red Dragaon
Achillea Millefolium Lilac Beauty
Agastache Mexicana grown from seed by Liz in Kenilworth.  This plant is starting to perform now we have had some rain at last.

Stems of a dark leafed grape vine which was already in the garden
Sedum spectabile still green
Chocolate Mint...which smells of After Eight Mints...yes really!
Clematis Vitalba...Old Man's Beard growing oven our wall and tolerated at the moment...

A Stem of Pelargoniumhybrid sidoides x reniforme “Burgundy”, which got broken off the plant..ouch!   It got knocked off when the shading of the conservatory was brought down for cleaning!  This plant came from Janet another knowledgeable plants woman in Kenilworth.  I have been nurturing this geranium for some time.  I love the way its rich magenta flowers continue to grow in little bunches along the main wiry flowering stem which continues to produce flower tufts.  Its little round crinkly silver grey green leaves are attractive all the year round.  Because of its long flower spikes it is rather difficult to photograph, so maybe, its breakage was a way of it getting in on the is at the very front of the arrangement with its red flowers only slightly visible...must get a close up of the lovely small blooms!

So by being a casualty, the pretty Species Pelargomium, a native from South Africa, made its way into the vase and into my blog...Cathy who hosts this meme, has quite coincidentally used casualties from her garden to make up this week's go there and see what she and others have come up with this week.


  1. Thank you for sparing a stem of your precious hydrangea for your vase Noelle - it seems strange to think that it will change from pure white to pik in due course. Today I have just decided to put two newish hydrangea in pots for a year or two to help them establish as the location I wanted them for is not brilliant, so it's good to know that yours is tolerating its temporary stay. The achillea is a gorgeous shade of pink and I love the effecct of the wild clematis, but I empathise with your toleration of it... :) Thanks for sharing and so good to be hearing from you regularly again

    1. Thanks Cathy....the hydrangea has been growing in the large terracotta pot every since I had it....since about 2011... I remember you admiring it by the gazebo when you came to my Kenilworth garden.

  2. A most beautiful arrangement and I love the way the Clematis adds this special extra. H. paniculata is one of my favourites and I've moved 2 from my last garden, no problem. paniculatas are a hardy lot.

  3. I love how the Clematis echoes the color of the pretty Hydrangea. All-in-all, a nicely balanced arrangement!

  4. Sometimes we benefit from the casualties. I can see why you are thrilled by the Hydrangea. It's stunning.