Monday, 10 July 2017

In a Vase on Monday

 It continues to be really hot.  The sort of day that during the heat after lunch...maybe a game of patience is just the ticket.  Cathy who leads this group comes up with the most wonderful themes each week...she has such perseverance and patience.....she has come up trumps again!

Yesterday  I spent the late evening dead heading the antirrhinums in the front garden.  They are performing beautifully...but I have had to water.  In the back garden a few of the plants I brought with me are holding on but struggling despite copious watering.  Picking a stem from each of my favourite flowering plants, I give you this little arrangement for this week.

Achillea Millefolium Lilac Beauty
Agastache Mexicana
Alchemilla mollis
Astrantia Major 'Sunningdale Variegated'
Fuchsia microphyilla 'Silver Linings
Origanum Kent Beauty
Persicaria Red Dragon
Phuopsis Stylosa

The oregano is now a little heap of powdery blue foliage with shrimp like flowers.

I found just a little scratching of Phuopsis in a pot and am so pleased that it snuck and had a ride to the new garden.  I remember getting quite excited when I saw this plant the first time at The Courts Garden near Bradford on Avon.  It is thriving at the foot of the stone wall despite the dry and hot weather.  The Agastache was raised from seed by my friend Liz Watson in Kenilworth, and is flowering for the first time.

The Vase is the small empty bottle of Pear Liqueur ready to chuck into the recycling, now we have consumed the contents...a gift from neighbours for whom I watered their garden whilst they were on holiday!

The Persicaria Red Dragon from Cathy's Garden is one she has shared around rather well.  I have now a lovely rooted and potted specimen ready to pass onto a local IAVOM new friend.  So am looking forward to passing this one on...


  1. Your vase seems perfect for a delicate and refined collection of flowers. I'm glad to see that Kent Beauty is living up to its name for you, mine had almost no flowers, but perhaps it will some back better this year.

    1. Good luck with Kent Beauty...enjoying seeing your vases.

  2. A shining array of your favorites.

  3. Oh that curtain (?) makes such a good backdrop for your vase, Noelle, and the overall effect is one of a water colour with watery shades for most of the contents and the Dragon ruling the roost. Hope everything gets watered in by rain soon!

    1. We have rain forecast tomorrow. The Shed is how up and painted, and roofed, and soon there will be guttering and waterbutts. I am frightened to go and read the water meter!

  4. Very pretty and delicate arrangement and I love your botanically-inspired curtain - a perfect backdrop!

  5. What a nice color mix! I love that oregano (which I've previously tried and failed to grow) and the Astrantia (ditto). I hope you get some cooler air soon - we've been turning on our household air conditioning every day lately but then that's (unfortunately) normal for us in July.

  6. Oh so nice ! Never think of red dragon in a vase but it works. Thanks for the visit.