Monday, 21 August 2017

Rare Plant Fair Bishop's Palace August 2017

Its Sunday morning, it isn't raining, and its time for a walk...all the way to the Bishop's Palace, to see if there is something to spend this week's pocket money on.

There are many plants and shrubs...but I have still to dig and prepare, and lay out the final planting sections, so I ought not to really be here.  That's the plan but......

What is good about this small pot is that it has several seedlings...of Erygium bourgatii, so will make a good sized clump.  I rather like the foliage with its silver markings.  I know the bees and hover flies love the flowers.

I already have Eryngium planum 'Tetra Petra', and was wise enough to bring part of the plant I had growing in Kenilworth.  However it does not have the silver veining of bourgatii leaves.

Another plant which I have seen for the first time, and whose leaves on the day are the prime attraction, since it was not yet in flower is Salvia corrugata. I think this one will be potted up in a larger pot, and I am really looking forward to its first blue flowers.

The third plant, and any more, would have meant a sub from dear Mr S who came with me for the walk, and another look at the this fabulous Sedum telephium ssp ruprechtii Hab Grey

The form is very similar to Sedum Spectabile Autumn Joy...but the leaves are very grey, which balance perfectly the yellow of the blooms.

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