Thursday, 31 August 2017

Rock Pool Socks

Maybe its all in the name....I love rock pooling, and when I had a reminder from The Knitter Group on Facebook of this pattern in my regular knitting magazine The Knitter, it reignited my interest.  I thought it was worth looking through my stash of wool, and getting out the needles. Its taken me about a week to actually get to the stage of casting on.

All summer I have been focused on other things, and recently I felt a need to quiet down a little.  What is more soothing than sitting down to a little knitting.  I was finding more recently whenever Mr S and I were sitting down for a break with a drink, my mind would dart around, and I would jump up and get on with some little job that caught my eye: plant that needed watering, washing that needed bringing it, etc etc.  Now we can sit together for half an hour or so and have a little conversation...though sometimes I do go quiet whilst I count...but I can listen at the same time!

Way back in Issue 17, a special very elastic and smooth cast on was the subject of The Knitter Masterclass, by Jane Crowfoot.  Some time ago at the Kenilworth Knit and Natter Group, Mandy had organised for Jane to come to give a workshop and I have a great regard for her.  When I pick out socks from my drawer, the ones with this cast on are the most comfortable....

With a few rows of knitting in a waste yarn, its soon time to do the magic with the sock yarn.

Then with great care with the scissors, you end up with a cuff that is so very elastic and comfortable.

 There are quite a few directions on line on how to achieve this, and I would really recommend this cast on for socks.

I find that I just cannot read charts comfortably, so I find the best thing is to blow them up...

The only thing I would say about my socks is that they would have been better in some lovely blue colour....sadly I have no blues in my wool stash at present..

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