Thursday, 21 December 2017

Echeveria Elegans

This plant has really performed for me over the years.  Since first acquiring it several years ago, and bringing it down with me to Somerset, I just keep on propagating it.  I used it as bedding on newly turned soil, both in the front garden and  in the back garden.


It is  Winter solstice and this picture of the summer planting on the front garden is rather pretty.

What I cannot have imagined is that the ones which had grown rather too large, and which I left in the garden, are still fine.  We had had several days of freezing weather on the trot, what seems like the wettest of winters, with days of mist and mizzle, and still them are going on well.

The fuchsias have been nipped by frosts but I am leaving these as the top cover will give them protection until they start to sprout in the spring, when they will be pruned back.


  1. Oh they do look good Noelle especially with that lovely bird gazing down on them. Wishing you a most Happy Christmas and I hope that 2018 treats you and your garden kindly.

  2. I do like plants that lend themselves to spreading around happily.

    Happy New Year!

    1. I love to share around from these. They are pretty tricky in our wet and cold winters, take a lot of attention during the winter, which is why these three senior plants are so remarkable. If they survive I may write to the RHS about them.