Monday, 27 August 2018

In a Vase on Monday - After the rain

At last it has rained...I remember reading a book as a young girl in French called: Apres la Pluie le Beau Temps.  I can't remember what the book was about...but the title in English means:  After the Rain, fine weather.....

Its not really fine yet, and  after the rain the garden all day yesterday, the garden is not at all fine.  Its all my fault as you can see from the vase this week.  All summer long, except for wilting in fierce summer sun, which was soon overcome by the plants as the sun went down, herbaceous plants stood upright.

I have not exactly had my eye on the plants which were just soldering on, and had not staked those that needed it, and hence after the rain, plants like the luscious Cerinthe has bowed over and flattened the Achillea Millefolium Lilac Beauty, and Aster Monch with its large heavy sprays really needed staking too.

The hardy fuchsia just wanted to grow.  In the spring I chopped down some of the hardy ones which I had been growing in a large tub, and used some of the prunnings to help a new clematis.  From what I thought was a dead twig, a strong and floriferous plant worthy of a proper place in the garden has sprung up.

First time in vase is the newly acquired Lysimachia candela, with naturally arching sprays, and taking centre stage is Sedum erythrostictum 'Frosty Morn' which was a gift from Alison C.

The vase is a lovely hand-painted tankard brought back many years ago by my sister who was working in France .

I waited till the mornings rain was over, and just before lunch it stopped, so the flowers haven't been conditioned, but with over 24 hours of rain, I am hoping that no more watering will be called for.

Cathy who hosts this weekly get together went out in the rain she has posted the prettiest of arrangements.  Do go and have a look, and if you do not already join in, please do so, even if it is only occasionally.


  1. A wonderful arrangement despite the naughty rain bending stems over. What a cool story about the hardy fuchsia rooting!

  2. It's difficult to keep your eye on everything and I always find staking is the thing which is missed. You have full vase of lovely things though and clearly can't help but grow things, ref the Fuchsia!

    1. You are right Alison, but the Fuchsia grew itself.

  3. Very pretty bouquet and I love the fuchsia in it. I would never have thought to use those before.

  4. The flowers appear lovely. I really like the Achillea with the color of the aster.

  5. Congratulations on the wonderful soaking rain. Your arrangement is very pretty, Noelle! I was struck by the fact that we both used similar fuchsia flowers this week. My plant is cloistered in a large pot in my lath (shade) house, which is really the only way I can grow fuchsias here. I hope my blooms will be as robust as yours one day.

  6. Love it. I am a big foliage person and I love seeing it more showcase in vases which yours does. And the pops of color from the flowers are so pretty.

  7. Thanks Angie.... I too love foliage, often I make arrangements with almost all foliage, as we both have pollen allergies. The result is many of our neighbours end up with posies of flowers.