Monday, 7 January 2019

In a Vase on Monday - Getting outside

Its early January, we have just had our first frost in the back garden, sufficiently hard to knock back the nasturtiums, fuchsia, and Salvias.  

A few steps into the garden to hang out the washing usually leads me to looking around the garden.  I know the rule is to leave the garden alone, but I really felt like ripping up all the soft and saggy nasturtiums and low and behold the sign of shoots from bulbs beneath brought joy to my heart.

Around the Hydrangea Paniculata growing in a large pot, I had planted a few embryonic cyclamen about three years ago.  They were giving a nice little show, sufficiently to spare a few blooms for my little ceramic vase.  A couple of leaves of other cyclamen, and two leaves from a little native evergreen fern.

The fern is called  Asplenium trichomanes or Maidenhair spleenwort and is a native everygreen fern which is very hardy. The little bright green leaves come from a nearly black central rib.  I've seen this growing in cracks in walls.  I love this little fern which I bought a few years ago, and have it growing in a pot where I can admire it.  During the summer, I move the pot to a sheltered and shady spot, and even in the few instances that it has dried out, a good soak in a basin of rainwater has revived it.

For this week I am grateful to IAVOM for getting me outside.......not just to pick the little vase full of early spring flowers, but to photograph the vase.  Inside the light is just far too poor.


  1. I keep seeing pictures of that fern. I know it will grow here so I need to add one to my garden. Lucky you to have a few blooms to pick in January.

  2. So glad to hear you ventured outside, Noelle, and I am glad you did! What a pretty little vase that is, and as so often is the case shows how even the smallest vase can bring joy. Thanks for sharing your joys today

    1. Thanks Cathy...the little vase was bought last year when I visited the snowdrop festival in Shepton Mallet with Alison. Its useful for little arrangements.

  3. What sweet blooms and a pretty vase. How wonderful that the garden offers treasures even in the cold of winter.

  4. That's a wonderful vase, Noelle, and the pink cyclamen accents it beautifully. I need to pick up a few cyclamen for my lath house. I love the flowers and as one plant survived summer in the shade house last year, I'm prepared to stretch my luck.

  5. Just perfectly lovely and magical in the vase, winter pinks! Wish I could grow Cyclamen, I really love the flowers.

  6. Ferns are amazing, I've had them dry up before as well and soaked them. I like this little one, it's so pretty on walls. I remember that little vase.