Thursday, 24 January 2019

January Sticky Buns

How could I call these Autumnal Sticky Buns when it is January....

A revisit of Autumnal Sticky Buns from Jane Mason, which I first made back in 2015, was part of a large pumpkin bake today.  This time I shaped the buns as for 'free standing' Chelsea buns as I wanted to freeze them individually.  I didn't bake them with the underneath goo, so put the pecan nuts on top of the filling before rolling them up.  A little glaze with the remaining sugar and lemon 'sauce' from left over from making the crystallized candied lemon peel. (Waste nothing)

I had already baked the pumpkin before Christmas, so it was just a matter of defrosting and allowing the pumpkin to reach room temperature.

The first bake of the morning was a big batch of cheesy pumpkin twisted sticks , link to the recipe,filled with herbs and chopped olives....sorry they are all batched up and already placed in the freezer.  Since first devising this form and recipe, and having shared them with friends, and found them exceptionally good, rewarmed from frozen, they have just got to be a standby in the freezer.

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