Thursday, 17 January 2019

Snowdrops from Anna

I was delighted to received some special snowdrops from Anna last week.  For each of these I have put a link to Judy's Snowdrops, as Judy's description of the cultivar is very good, and also put pictures of where I have planted them.  I fully intend, as soon as it is a little warmer, to go out and make a plan of where in the bed I have planted my special bulbs, which I have collected since arriving in Somerset.



Lady Beatrice Stanley

I need to add to the list others:

2017 Woronowii
2017  Elwesii
2018  Viridapice nivalis 

2018 from Cathy
Blewbury Tart
Mrs Macnamara

Plus lots of miscellaneous single and double snowdrops brought from Kenilworth, but planted well away amongst the shrubs etc.

Thanks to friends and purchases during visits to shows, I have sufficient specials for now. I think I shall enjoy my collection as they start to bulk up.  Having a small garden I think 9 specials is just right for me to enjoy.

Although Magnet with two bulbs in flower, has been displaying for more than two weeks...the ordinary singles and doubles out in clumps in the garden are only just piercing the soil.


  1. So cute! What a lovely collection.

  2. Oh it's so good to see them in their new home Noelle looking none the worse for their journey :) You have the makings of a good collection there and they are all snowdrops with distinctive markings.

  3. I shall enjoy watching them and getting to know them. Thanks for the lovely gifts Anna. Magnet from Cathy which was planted in the bed last autumn, has already been in flower for at least two weeks, the first of specials to flower for me this year.