Friday, 8 March 2019

Daffodils and remembering Penny

One is always told 'plant daffodil bulbs early autumn, as soon as they come into sale'.  Last winter the rules were defied, since it was December when I was given one bulb of Narcissus Replete at the gathering to celebrate Penny's Life.

All winter I was wondering what effect the late planting would have on the bulb.  Here it is, and it is displaying is two toned petals starting in the first week of March.  I understand that it is a great naturalising bulb and each year there will be an increasing display.

Only today my sister who lives abroad was asking about my daffodils.  I have yet to establish good clumps similar to ones I have left behind.  Her question prompted me to go up and look into the centre of this pretty bloom.

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