Monday, 11 March 2019

In a Vase on Monday - Windfalls

I seldom can pass on windfalls.  Usually by windfalls we mean the fruit from trees, which is picked over and if processed quickly can be turned into pies or jam or chutneys.  

Here the windfall in question is the one bloom from the one bulb of Narcissus Replete, planted last December in memory of my friend Penny.  The strong relentless winds were just too much for this bloom.  It is large with ruffled petals, hardly looking like the standard shape of narcissus, and unlike many other daffodils I seem to be able to tolerate the gentle smell.  The leaves are from the  Epimedium x versicolor Sulphureum.  I cut off all the leaves at the weekend, and managed to stop some leaves from being blown across the garden.  

Hasn't the bird song been wonderful this spring?  At least it has been in my garden.  This little bird is a whistle which I have had for years and years.

Cathy has a very pretty white and blue arrangement featuring white go and see what she and other have to offer.


  1. Oh, I always forget about epimedium leaves - they are so pretty and look lovely in a vase. How nice to have this narcissus to rememember your friend - it is so unusual and I hope the wether doesn't do any more damage to it and its colleagues as I guess you have more than just a single one

    1. We were given one bulb each to plant in our gardens to remember Penny by...I shall feed it and divide it every few years...and will probably have about six in three years time! I am the patient sort......

  2. That is a gorgeous Narcissus and a wonderful tribute to your friend, Noelle. I'm still waiting to my larger-flowered daffodils bloom but then, from what I've heard, you seem to be enjoying warmer weather in the UK than we are in coastal Southern California. It's still colder than normal here.

  3. That is quite a stunning daffodil! Yes, the birdsong is wonderful after the quiet of winter. :)

  4. I love the Narcissus, beautiful. I am working on a tribute to a friend I lost today.Ann. Did Freya cause the wind?

  5. Very pretty and I'm sure you'll be getting more windfalls today. No respite at all!

  6. Oh I thought that you were being very quiet Noelle and then have realised that my blog reader hasn't been picking up your posts for quite some time :( I will have to return for a catch up of what I've missed. The daffodil is a beauty and what a lovely memory you will have of your friend each time it flowers. Off now to follow your blog by email so I don't miss out in the future.