Monday, 19 August 2019

In a Vase on Monday - Alison's flowers in a Vase

Yesterday Alison and Paul opened their garden, and flower growing zone,  for Flower Farmers Big Weekend.  Alison has a great gift for choosing and growing beautiful plants, and then bringing them together in wonderful arrangements.  It was through this weekly get together of In a Vase on Monday, organised by Cathy, that Alison and I met soon after I moved down to Somerset.  This week Cathy seems to have hit the bottle in her post: Sozzled! But she is not leading us astray, its just her usual very cleaver interpretation...

I was delighted to be able to lend a hand on one of the open days yesterday...generally making drinks,  and serving the most delicious array of cakes and drinks to visitors, and keeping Alison and Paul topped up with tea, as they showed visitors around the growing areas.  Money raised was for the Dorothy House Hospice.

Just as I was leaving Alison gave me the loveliest of bunches of flowers from her garden.  I was amazed at the feeling of receiving flowers.  Having had parents in this business, and also loving to grow my own for years, I seldom receive flowers, but mainly I love to give them.  I am perfectly happy with this, but hadn't quite understood the wonderful feeling of receiving flowers.

The smell of the freshly cut flowers was magical, with the Apple Mint adding a wonderful layer.   Last night they were conditioned and now they have been arranged and are gracing our mantelshelf.

Not knowing exactly what the flowers are is also a bit of foxing situation, and maybe if Alison has time and comments we may be given some hints.  So many of the elements are fabulous...just love the fluffy grass,,,the deep red bits, the long fascinating tall and dangly things, and the big  mauve powder puffs, which most of us will recognise as Asters.  If this is not the year of the Aster then next year may well be!  Alison is growing a lovely range with a real range of interesting other colours too.  As I was kept busy the whole time, (the washing up didn't do itself you know), I didn't have time to look around, and I even forgot a nice bronze carex that I had put aside from the plant stall which Alison's mother was running!

I know the name of this little fabulous phlox as Alison had showed this in one of previous vases: Phlox drummondii 'Silver Stars'.

For once I am perfectly happy to post flowers not from my garden, but they still count as they are from An In a Vase of Monday contributor.


  1. Yes, I rarely receive flowers and if I do I suppose they are most likely to be bought, although there is one coupe who would always bring their own blooms and even if they are things growing in my own garden (I tend to provide them with spare seedlings!) it is still lovely to receive handpicked blooms. I wonder if Alison will write about her openings as I would like to hear how she got on - and well done you for supporting her, another lovely thing to do. I idntgrow asters this year but seeing these one has made me think I will do so again. Thanks so much for sharing, Noelle

  2. You were an absolute star running the teas mostly single handed and certainly deserved the flowers. I'am glad you like them. Asters, yes, Atriplex hortensis, the grass is Setaria, Limonium suworowii (which I first saw on IAVOM and Amaranthus 'Velvet Curtains', Cosmos 'Snow Puff'. Is that it? Tell me if I missed anything. I'll leave you all to look them up.

  3. These are so beautiful. A great balance of rounds and spiky plants. And they are perfect in that vase. I didn't grow the flowers I am showing today but they are so pretty and from a goods friend. so I think it counts. :)

  4. It's a lovely bouquet and well-deserved based on Alison's comment. I love the color mix and the asters in particular. They look like the type referred to as Chinese asters here. Our garden centers sell them in the early fall but they last precisely a nanosecond when planted here.

    1. Yes Kris they are Chinese Asters...sorry they don't last for you, in the meantime maybe you will see more in IAVOM arrangements.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day all round. A fabulous selection of interesting plants.

  6. Oh what a precious gift and memento of a no doubt enjoyable day 😄