Saturday, 7 September 2019

Six on Saturday 7 September 2019

I working hard to get the front garden ready for planting, which explains that it is rather late, but still has turned cooler, but the soil despite a few showers is still dry but more easily worked.  Who knows what I may bring back from the Rare Plant Fair tomorrow at the Bishop's Palace?

The Propagator must be something...gardener and marathon runner too.  He has some more beauties this do try to catch up with him, if you are fast enough, something soon...

(1) Pseudowintera colorata Red Leopard, an unusual New Zealand Plant. First bought in September 2016 and finally liberated into the garden a couple of months ago. Most entries state that this is a plant for a sheltered woodland site, however I have it in a nook by the house on a south facing wall, but with the return, it is shaded till about 2 pm.  I've had it three years in a pot during which time it has been moved around playing its part in various pot arrangements.  In New Zealand chefs are using this plant as a 'pepper'...something which I shall be exploring and experimenting with.

(2) Pittosorum garnettii is another favourite currently a 'pot plant' in the garden.  With its pretty cream edged evergreen leaves, it is great for adding interest and structure in the garden both summer and winter.  My last plant was left in my previous garden...and just looking back, I found a picture of it performing magnificently with red roses..., and am just wondering whether I can live another year without Munstead Wood?  There too it was a plant in a pot for two or three years before getting planted in the garden.

(3) unknown, which I have kept going for several years, but is performing particularly well this year after being re potted in the spring.  I fear this one may not be hardy, so it spends winters in the shed.

The colour is very nearly coral...

(4) Aster amellus  King George is a behind the other Aster Monch in coming into flower.  The stems are stronger and the flowers slightly deeper in colour and larger too.  It doesn't suffer from mildew and where it is has tolerated the hot and weather pretty well.  It has taken some time for this plant to establish, and really resents being crowded and is best not being overshadowed by other plants.

(5) A couple of days ago when I was looking to see if some of my cyclamen where coming up towards Acer Corner, I found a large pile of leaves...the tough type which fall from the Holn Oak, and was about to spread the leaves, and suddenly it moved and I had a little was a Hedgehog.  I am so very delighted that just thinking about this makes me smile!  

(6) Japanese grass Hakonechloa Macra Aureola planted in pots is just coming into flower.  Here they have Salvia Amistad waiting final placement.  Although it looks fine here unfortunately these two need different conditions: the grass shade, the salvia sun....


  1. A hedgehog! That's very exciting and a great help on the slug front. The asters look lovely.

  2. Love the Fuchsias - gorgeous. How interesting a pepper plant! I wish I could grow Asters here I am enjoying seeing them in the Sixes.Happy Sunday.

  3. I have those blue flowers in my bee yard.