Sunday, 22 September 2019

Pelargonium myrrhifolium var. coriandrifolium wins plant of the month

Its only this year that I joined the HPS and the local group.  Yesterday I went to the meeting, and just before leaving grabbed my pot with Pelargonium myrrhifolium var. coriandrifolium.  It was repotted in my new Jacky Duncan pot earlier this year.  Only a couple of weeks ago it had been admired, and I had already taken a few cuttings.

They have two tables for showing one for plants, and one for specimen stems....

It was quite a surprise to hear my name announced as winner of the Plant of the Month...

I bought the original plant two years ago from Stourhead, where they have a well presented collection in their Pelargonium house, and usually have two or three interesting plants for sale in their Shop.


  1. That looks a most attractive pelargonium Noelle and congratulations on your win. I joined the HPS back in 1990 and have really enjoyed my membership. I can't get to local group meetings any more but get a lot of useful information from the journals and have had seeds from the seed distribution scheme in the past. I'm also a member of their snowdrop group 😂

    1. You are just the sort of person to be a many knowledgeable people, who are very supportive. I am just getting to learn my way through the journals and on line portals. I daren't look at the seed list....I have enough going on for this year.

  2. Nice. One of the plants I see on our weekly hikes.

  3. Hello Diana, as I can find scant information on this plant, I would love to hear more about it...have you posted on this plant, and it would be great to have pictures of it in its environment and to give readers a context of terrain and other plants growing around.

  4. Sandy and drought tolerant

    I have a picture of the flower but not the wider view, sorry