Monday, 6 May 2019

Wood fired garden pots by Jacky Duncan

At the HPS plant sale a couple of weeks back, a number of beautiful clay pots were being offered for sale:

Wood-fired frostproof pots 
(Artist potter, Winsham)
Used but not damaged!  Bargain sale to lighten load before house move

I was provacorating, had my eye on some nice ones for my succulents, but for some reason did not pick them up.  Towards the end of the sale, these four taller ones were still on the table, so I decided to have them, and brought the sale poster home!

All I can say is how pleased I am to have acquired such lovely pots.  How generous of the first owner to share these with others.  I will carefully wash them, and make sure they go to another appreciative gardener when the time comes for me to part with them.

At first I thought of planting the Japanese Fern  Athyrium otophorum var. okanum, in one of the pots.    I love its slender arching leaves where the dark purple stalks and midribs contrast beautifully with its light yellowy green leaves. I had just repotted it and covered with crown with some of the moss I had recently collected, and feared the black plastic pot just didn't do it justice.

Newly acquired 'second hand' wood fired garden pots by Jacky Duncan

The geraniums were in the queue ready to be repotted with fresh compost.  In the end all the pots were used for a little collection.  

Pelargonium hybrid sidoides x reniforme “Burgundy”, Pelargonium coriandrifolium, and Pelargonium ardens x 2  now fill the pots.


  1. I must try that with some of mine that are looking a little straggly.

    1. I must admit to feeling a little nervous when I first cut them back. Not much out on the internet on how to look after specific plants throughtout their life time.

  2. What serendipity. A fabulous purchase Noelle!