Monday, 29 October 2018

Pelargonium hybrid sidoides x reniforme “Burgundy”

In the conservatory there are three species or near species, is there a term for this, pelargoniums:

I've placed the pot in the shade in order to get a better picture

I have been 'nurturing' Pelargoniuhybrid sidoides x reniforme “Burgundy”' which I first acquired from my friend and plantswoman Janet a few years ago.  I have two plants in the same pot, and this year it has been outside, until recently.

In the conservatory, sitting on the side table, with its silvery grey green velvety leaves, it shows off its long flowering stems along which the very dark crimson black flower clusters grow sequentially along the long lax stems.

To get the detail of the blooms, I set the flash, which shows up the black markings near the centre.

Finding out more about this plant has been interesting...the best part is that they can tolerate low temperatures if kept on the dry side.  Unless it is going to get very cold, I feel happier knowing that they will not suffer if left in the conservatory overnight.

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