Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Baking for Halloween

Last year, our first Halloween in Somerset was marked with utter disappointment by general malaise on lack of preparation on my part.  We nearly had tears from a little girl...but remembering this, I am prepared.  

Ghosties with a sprinkling of frost  icing sugar following my recipe previously used.  These are rather short and then I realised that they have ground almonds, so will have to check with visitors that they do not have allergies.

and Bourbon Bats...Ice crystal eyes need to be added before baking, I discovered this in time for the last batch!  This recipe has given a more robust biscuit, so next year will made bats for everyone!

Last week, we had one of the most amazing sunsets...wouldn't be great if we had one again this evening. 

I have carved out the pumpkin, and checked that the flashing cycle lights are charged, ready to set by the front door this evening.

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  1. You are so good! Hope it all went well. We had that amazing sunset here too - spectacular!