Sunday, 7 October 2018

Discovering new plants and introducing friends

Last Friday I spent time in the company of two friends who particularly enjoy plants and are great gardeners.  From time to time I visit Alison who I first met shortly after moving to my new home, through IAVOM.

This time, I asked Alison if I may bring another friend along to visit her.  I took cake, but first we had to have a tour of the garden, and along the way admire ducks and hens.  Alison has many interesting plants in her garden, and since I feel that she would want to show case her garden herself, which is now extending itself to be the Home of Floral Acre: a commercial British Organic Flower enterprise , I did ask her permission to show Top of Pops new to both Jean and I this one....These blooms were a real zingy addition to her patio, and formed a spectacular display.

This was a new one for Alison too this year.  It is Bessera Elegans.  The colour of the blooms, with the contrasting cream markings make the pot sing out in the autumn light.  I'll be looking out for some corns to try in a pot next year.  As this plant hails from Mexico it is not surprising that it is on the tender side.  Once it has finished flowering I read that the pot can just be dried off, and the corns stored in a frost free place like the shed. 

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