Sunday, 7 October 2018

Corydalis flexuosa 'Kingfisher'

Most Saturdays, when I am at home, I like to venture out to the Market in Wells.  It nearly was an exception yesterday, as it was the first cool, windy and rainy day for a long time.  However later in the morning, postponing lunch till mid afternoon, I got on my bike and sallied forth.  The feet are still in a 'delicate' state, and cycling is a good way of getting some exercise, and getting to places faster, with less energy spent, and a bonus in Wells, is that there is relatively plenty cycle parking compared to car parking.  I really think that cars should also be left at home except for very large shops, and distances further afield.

On my way home I like to go through Market Street, which is not to be confused with the Market Square in the centre.  The reason this way is particularly attractive is that most weekends Graham from Tadham Nurseries turns up with a nice differing range of plants mostly alpines.  I love to look at the plants and have a chat, and usually pick up a plant or two.

This week's pocket money wasn't spent on a cup of coffee but on this little beauty: Corydalis flexuosa 'Kingfisher'.  From reading about this cultivar, the flowering season is longish.  This summer I saw some lovely blue corydalis growing in the Bishop's Palace Gardens in rather bright and sunny conditions.

I'm not sure yet where and whether to plant it in the garden, or have it in a pot of leafy moisture retentive medium in semi shade.


  1. That is a colour to enjoy in a pot. Then spread around the garden as it fills in.

    1. I'm looking forward to seeing how this plant performs...its a little gem. I've decided to plant it where I can see it from the conservatory, as it will be much happier in the shade of a rose shrub. I have very little shade otherwise in the garden.