Saturday, 20 October 2018

Knitting and Baking

Its been a quiet few months as far as knitting is concerned.  Other things have been taking up my time.  I finally finished my Paulie Cardigan:  this is a free pattern and if you are on Ravelry you can see just how many variations there are of this pattern.This is a lovely seamless garment, knitted from the top down.  I had planned on knitting this several years ago and had some lovely baby alpaca yarn in one of my favourite colours stashed away in a gauze bag. 

I started this project at the end of January and called it 'Spring Fever', as it was green, and I thought it would be finished in time to wear out as a 'Spring Jacket'.  I have picked up the project from time to time.  With everything knitted on circular needles, with the sleeves 'in the round', the only sewing up were a few ends, and the buttons.

The buttons came from the local haberdashery shop, and with the jacket washed and blocked, it is now ready to wear.

Feeling much better today after a few days of coughing and spluttering...well enough to walk into Town, and pop up to the market.  Maybe it was the sunshine that helped me recover. It is the 20th October, and only one week till the clocks change, yet it has been warm enough to sit out and eat lunch in the garden, with bumble bees still dipping into late flowering nasturtiums.

To remind us that it is indeed autumn, I have just baked Apple Buns.  The buns today are one day late, as when I started them yesterday, which is our normal bun day, I saw that the recipe required a 24 hour autolyse of part of the flour and liquid.  This technique develops flavour in the bun, and makes the dough easy to handle and shape.  This must be at least the third time I have baked these buns...


  1. Beautiful buttons. I have those Celtic knots sandblasted on our bathroom windows.

  2. Thanks Diana, Celtic designs intrigue me...and use the motif in calligraphy. What an inspiration to have this on the glass in your bathroom.