Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Hand Knitting Socks - Second pair of Portmeirion Socks

This is one of my activities which I call yoga for the mind......I find it very relaxing.  I enjoy what is termed 'piquant' level or at least for me in knitting patterns.  Socks are small things to knit and very portable.  With using just the two circular needles, it makes it easy on so many levels.  I have a little 'stash' of special socks, unworn, and waiting the day to be gifted or simply taken out of the pillow case in which they are stored, to admire, or maybe choose a pair to give away.

A little way back I had selected a pair of lovely socks in my favourite but now discontinued and unobtainable yarns to send to a friend.  They were quite hard to part with...but still having the pattern and appropriate coloured sock wool from another manufacturer, I set to and finished a pair for myself;

This was early in the year during January......then I had to look for another knitting project.  The knitting mojo is having a bit of a rest, and I am really trying to use up some of my stash!

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