Wednesday, 8 May 2019


Intrigued by the title?  I too was curious as to what this meant.  The internet informed me that this is a term applied to living tissue in vascular plants through which organic compounds made during photosynthesis is moved to parts of the plant where it is needed.  As a lover of plants and trees this was interesting.....

However in this post I present Phloem as the name given by Rachel Coopey to her sock pattern.  She was inspired by the structure and clean lines of leaves and buds in the spring.  Left and right socks mirror each other, with a lace leaf motif running down one side of the leg and a pattern of buds running down the other.  Now that I have read this...I may just be on the lookout for some more soft luxurious sock yarn to knit up a second pair.  I came across this pattern several years ago and had it in my 'to knit' folder, ready printed off.  It was completely coincidental that I had first picked a ball of West Yorkshire Spinners sock yarn from my stash then went to research for a pattern to use.  If you would like to  knit it,  the free pattern can be found on the Knitty Website.

With the legs a little longer than the original, here are my socks complete a couple of weeks ago.

I love the detail of the pattern with the interesting cuff

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