Saturday, 11 May 2019

Six on Saturday - 11 May 2019

Six on Saturday, and got me learning more, looking at my garden, and appreciating the beauty of nature.  The propagator's efforts and all other gardners joining him are an insight into gardens on a regular basis.  I hope you enjoy this and leave a comment...if you post, I will be taking a peep later....

Today being the day after the visit to Malvern Spring Show, thoughts are still running through my head, as I have my early morning walk to take in the lovely bird song, fresh air, and see what is performing well in the garden.  My first vpftm was planted on a sloping sight in my garden in Swindon, then a self layering branch was brought to my next garden.  For this garden a new plant was acquired early in 2018, and this year it is looking great.  Plans are that this will be in the front garden, where the removal of the turf is progressing well.  I may well grow a clematis viticella through it to bring colour later in the year.  

Viburnum plicatum f. tomentosum'Mariesii'

For my second item....clematis.  Here again is another whimsical structure for Viennetta to clamber up.  I first saw this variety at  Tatton Park in 2016, and bought this one early spring 2017.  At its feet I have two clumps of ferns, and a begonia that is in that pot for its third season without protection, but everything was repotted into new compost a few weeks ago.  The reason that I posted this here is that I very much enjoyed my visit to The Clematis Society stand at .  Here I chatted with a lady, and in the end left with a back copy of 'The Clematis' 2017 Edition.  As we were stuck in traffic...and our coach stop started all the way to the motorway and beyond, I was able to read it cover to cover.  Learning so much from 'real clematis lovers' their trials and tribulations, finding out that I had been doing many things more or less right, and that growing in pots is by no means frowned on, was a great way to spend time after the show.  In the journal I find that Viennetta was Taylor's Best Seller by volume in 2017!

Mixed tub containing clematis Viennetta

Thirdly...another reason for a tour of the garden is to discover what has happened overnight.  As I got rather ahead of myself and carried away, and sowed my beans far too early...I have had to cover them these cold nights in double fleece, and also remove the fleece in the morning.  Note to myself, wait till mid April to sow beans next year....

Frost protection for beans

In amongst other plants is this little beauty: Salvia officinalis tricolour. Growing in a sunny and well drained spot.  It brings light and colour with its coloured leaves.  Its muted pink and sage green leaves edged in white, gives a little spot of light at all times of the year.

Sage tricolour

I love the early morning light, and after the rain with a little humidity the early morning mist, light filters through cow parsley onto a recently planted rosa Open Arms.

Taken at the beginning of this week, before the rains, is this little Dianthus.  I bought it last year from a friend as little more than a plug.  I placed it at the edge of the gravel patch with as its colour matches the eye of the Euphorbia martini 'Ascot Rainbow' just behind it.

Looking closely at it almost makes you go cross eyed, and even the camera seems to battle with the pink/red combo.  However I like this little solitary Dianthus chinensis.  If anyone can give more information please do add in the comments.  It went through the winter well and as you can see has many stems coming up from the base.  I shall be taking a few cuttings just as back up in case this flowerers itself to death, and proves to be a bi-annual.


  1. I got dianthus seeds for Christmas, so now I know what to expect. I hope mine do as well as yours.

  2. I have some dianthus seedlings this year, d. cruentus I think. Need to pot them on in fact. Another job for the weekend!