Sunday, 23 August 2015

New Plants

I seem to be living up to my name: Stasher, at the moment.  I just could not resist these plants which Mark had brought to sell at the Leek Wootton Village Fete.  I have bought plants from him for several years, and all are very good.  He is just a local gardener who loves propagating...I love the little black plant labels which he uses, with silver pen.  I shall look out for these at the Malvern Show.  They are really so very discreet, and don't show up like a sore thumb in the garden.

New Plants

Phlomis Russeliana.  I used to grow this in my Swindon garden, and also loved the sage green leaf together with the yellow flowers.  Mark was really impressed that I knew the plant straight away just from the leaves.

Liatris Spicata, which was on my list of 'wanted plants'.  They are doing really well in one or two local front gardens so I know they will do well here.

Campanula Sarastro which I have been admiring in show gardens and in some National Trust gardens this year.

The Flower is so large and resplendent, I am sure it will shine in my garden, but I think I shall have to go on the offensive against slugs and snails with this one.

Athyrium Otophorum v  Okanum ...... just because I love ferns, this pale green with red ribbed one will be in a bit pot nearly the gazebo.

I have finally put about the fourth coat on the new table, made by my friend Steve, and it is looking just lovely in the Gazebo for the moment.


  1. The gazebo looks lovely in white Noelle! I think last time I saw it, it was green or maybe that was in a dream!?

    1. Originally it was just natural, but it has been painted for at least five years. It really transformed it.

  2. I love the Campanula Sarastro! There's something about blue flowers, I think it must be the contrast with the green foliage which I love!