Sunday, 30 August 2015

New insect in the garden is an Ancistrocerus also known as the European Potter or Mason Wasp

I was out in the garden and spied this interesting wasp.

The wide number of insects which visit the Blue Centaurea is amazing.   This is the first time I have seen this insect in the garden.  The many insects which come on this flower are particularly interested in the involucral bracts below the flower.

This Potter Wasp or Mason Wasp catches up to 20 small caterpillars and 'buries' them along with its egg, in a hole, then covers it with mud.

I have received a reply to my identification question from The Natural History Museum, and they have confirmed that  this is one of the Ancistrocerus sp., but to tell the difference between Ancistrocerus antilope and Ancistrocerus gazella is not possible from the photos alone

Within a minute other insects spied... about four all on the same bloom.

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