Monday, 13 January 2020

In a Vase on Monday - January winds and rains

Just when I thought it could not get wetter, Storm Brendan is starting to do its thing, with gusts through the evergreen oak sounding like the surge of large waves breaking on tropical reefs.  Had I a rain gauge, I feel that this winter we would have broken records for rainfall.

I wasn't going to post today, but I had to go out and move potted plants into safe positions, and my eye was caught a few blooms.

A couple of small creamy veined leaves of  Arum Italicum  nicely sets off the rich fuchsia pink of the cyclamen coum.  With its kidney shaped deep glossy green foliage this cyclamen with its pretty patterns are a delight this time of the year. An added bonus is that slugs and snails avoid these.  A couple of sprigs of Erigeron karvinskianus finishes off this minute arrangement in an old ink bottle.

Cathy has three ink bottles with some rather lovely winter blooms, with the Hamamelis vernalis 'Amethyst' being rather fine.  Cathy is the creator and host of this weekly IAVOM get together.


  1. What a delightful trio, and I realise, now that I look at your pretty vase, I could have found the same three if I had gone into the garden with my eyes open!! Isn't that cyclamen a glorious colour, especially on a grey and miserable day like today! Amanda

  2. Well of course, you already know about inkwells' usefulness - and what a lovely trio of blooms you have in Amanda, I could have posted a similar grouping. I am glad you were able to get out on the garden albeit briefly. Here, we seem to have missed the worst of the storm and the 40mph winds around 4 o'clock did not far so good

  3. I wish you could send us some of that rain, although I prefer delivery without the wind ;) You set off the Cyclamen beautifully. I have a few plants blooming in my shade house but I'm never sure what to pair them with.

  4. I have a couple of these inkwells too, they are perfect for little winter arrangements. And what could be nicer than these lovely pink cyclamen to cheer up a January day?

  5. Lovely combination. I admire the leaf form and pattern of arum--so striking. We too are experiencing an overload of rain. Everything is soggy.

  6. Oh that is a pretty display Noelle. I think my erigeron has finally given up the ghost for now but I must check in the morning just in case.

  7. P.S. I hope that storm 'Brendan' didn't do any damage to your garden. Here today was windier than Monday or Tuesday.

    1. Brendan's wind didn't cause any damage, but strangely this Friday morning dustbin lids had been blown over, neighbours big bins over, etc.