Friday, 20 November 2020

Mid Week Muddy Walk

One of the best ways I can think of at present to escape the hemmed in feeling is just to go for a walk. Early in the week, we had a few hours forecast without rain, and that was the signal to get out our boots, and explore a walk I had discovered on line. The Somerset Wildlife Trust Reserves are certainly worth visiting whatever the season.

From the top of Cheddar Gorge, where we parked on the road side, we walked along the path and stopped to look the over the old lime kiln, which was not far from the dramatic rock exposure left by quarrying.  

This area is called old Black Rock Quarry, and is part of the Black Rock Nature Reserve.

At the top of the eastern loop in the Long Wood Nature Reserve, we found a nice bench for a rest.  Tall slim tress reached skyward.

Beyond this as we arrived at a valley floor we could hear a stream flowing into a swallet.  

This stream  continues underground through the large caves, emerging lower down in the Cheddar Valley.

Returning along the valley, which is dry but very muddy, we came across a couple of cave entrances, and for the last part retraced our steps back through the Black Rock Nature Reserve.

We were very glad of our walking sticks to help along the slippery tracks.  The drive down the Cheddar Gorge with very few cars and just a couple of climbers here and there was as always an amazing experience.  We shall be sure to return in the Spring to see all the spring flowers.