Monday, 4 January 2021

In a Vase on Monday - New Year Fireworks

 Were there fireworks near you to see in the New Year?  

Though the window the neighbour's Christmas lights shine bluey purple, and the street lights white.  Allium cristophii, and the glass rhinoceros, which have been on the window sill of the smallest room in the house, for the past few months.  The container is a Victorian medicine or poison bottle.

The neighbours have taken all their lights down now.  So it was timely that I took the picture on Saturday night when I first noticed the effects. We are waiting till twelth night to clear the decks of  holly, Christmas tree, and other decorations.  If I had brought under cover my tub of nearly in flower Alstromeria in time, when I first thought of it, before all the heavy frosts, it would well have been a different vase. 

Happy New Year to all the IVOM contributors and readers.  I am linking into Cathy, who gathers us each week. Her post is so amusing, out of the mouth's of babes....


  1. Happy New Year! Your Allium cristophii makes a strong impact against the "borrowed view" from the neighbors.

  2. Serendipity! There are no better dried flowers than Alliums. There are usually fireworks on view for hours over the harbor below us and the area beyond it on New Year's Eve but they were noticeably restrained this year.

  3. Oh the single allium looks especially striking against the outside lights - well spotted Noelle. And yes, our tree and lights will remain up as long as possible - we have red lights in view of the kitchen windows and I shall miss them...

  4. Happy New Year - nice composition of the image and a wintry fireworks display.

  5. So much gentler to the ears than the noisy fireworks Noelle and every bit as beautiful! Yes there were fireworks in the park across the road to us and all around - some very loud ones.
    I hope that the new year treats you and your loved ones well and that you enjoy your garden xxx