Sunday, 29 August 2021

Dicentra cucularia scaly rootstock

 They may look like a bowl of grey lace as the leaves emerge in March,

and shortly afterwards the lovely white flowers amaze me each time

they soon die down.  I had two bowls but decided to reduce it to just one for the coming season, and repot into fresh compost.  Here are the scaly rootstock...

There were sufficient for me to try some in the open garden.  I've placed them in the shady border just behind the grouping of dark leaved Ophiopogon planiscapas Nigrescens the Black Mondo grass and am very much looking forward to seeing how well that combination works. I like the challenge of placing existing plants in different ways.  Isn't it strange that gardeners have the hope and vision to care for plants that will only appear more than half a year hence, and then are only above ground for a few weeks?

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