Monday, 25 May 2009

Aberystwyth Delights

When we're on holiday we like to have a range of things to do. Usually we like a good museum or stately home, as well as outdoor attractions. Based on Aberystwyth we really enjoyed some of what they had to offer.

The trip up the Rheidol Valley on the oil fired steam train had wonderful views, and we chose a good day for the ride.

We had seen a fine public building perched up above the town, it was the National Library of Wales. We spent a full and excellent morning looking around the public galleries. For anyone interested in the Welsh culture it would have been overwhelming. For our part, we became immersed in the art exhibitions, photographs and ancient books.

I was amazed by the wonderful chairs which are awarded to the winners of Eisteddfords. The chairs were more like thrones, with carvings so exquisite. I would like to learn more about this tradition, and whether people got to keep their chairs, who sponsored and paid for the chairs etc. The building itself completed in 1955, with its fine interior, is well worth looking at. We had lunch in the restaurant, then walked up to the Arts Centre at Aberystwyth University.

After looking at the ceramics exhibition, we checked out what was on and booked to see 'She Stoops to Conquer' by Oliver Goldsmith. Mappa Mundi are to be congratulated, there was never a dull moment, and the cast were word perfect. Timing, costume and humour combined to create an excellent evening's entertainment.

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