Monday, 25 May 2009

Week in Wales

It seems ages since our last holiday, and fancying a week somewhere near the sea, using the Internet we ended with a superb bungalow on the Welsh Coast.

It was up on the cliff looking over Borth Beach, and through a path across one garden, one came to the coastal path. We walked south past the Monument, and came down to this lovely cove. As we started downwards I was stopped in my tracts by a delicious warm smell reminiscent of pineapple coconut cakes in Mauritius, and was totally surprised to find the source. No wonder the bees and insects are attracted to the billowing yellow mounds of Gorse. Coming up from the beach, I was enchanted by the way the sea pink or thrifts festooned the cliff edges.

Borth beach with its long line of sea side houses, stretches to an area of sand dunes. We parked up on the shore of the estuary, looking over towards Aberdyfi, and I was amused by the notice which warned that the parking disappears at high tide. The view of the mountains beyond was spectacular.

The beach beyond the dunes is delightful, and I can just imagine the crowds in the Summer. We sat in the sun, and felt the gentle breeze and it was peaceful and good.

The countryside was beautiful, with the hills blanketed with oak woodland, leaves just unfurling, and from a distance yellow with the flowers. Bluebells, primroses and violets, gorse and sea thrift all jostling up through the lush grass.

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