Saturday, 2 May 2009

More Wild Flowers near Kenilworth

In a secret location only a couple of miles from home, we have found a small parcel of woodland which comes up trumps each time we visit. Apart from the noise from the dual carriage way, it is one of the best places to be.

Yesterday after tea and coffee cake, we set forth, and expecting to see bluebells we were doubly amazed by the wonderful carpet of bluebells and pink purslane. The purslane is in two very large areas amongst bluebells, though there are further areas of bluebells where the purslane is absent. During the walk it was bluebells and 'pink flowers', and once home, I went through my wild flower books to find the name. The flower is not indigenous, but was brought over from North America.

The flowers are small and pale pink. I don't remember seeing any hint of these plants when we last visited a few weeks ago.

For the first time amongst blue bells I found quite a few white bells. I had not seen this in the blue bell woods in Wiltshire, though in the Snakes Head Fritillary fields in Cricklade there are white blooms among the purple fritillaries.

The white bluebells are still quite small. I wonder whether they are a true English Bluebell or have hybridised.

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