Monday, 25 May 2009

More Aberystwyth delights

We took the Electric Cliff Railway up Constitutional Hill. We had seen a Victorian photograph of the holidaymakers on the beach who no doubt took walks up the hill and looked through the Camera Obscura. The picture wasn't too clear as it was not too bright outside, however I thought the light somewhat subdued the very bright colours many of the building were painted in, I call it the coloured sepia effect. The town stretches from the foot of the hill, towards the Castle, and beyond. The town is compact, and there are some attractive period houses and many churches and chapels.

Except for the lunch at the National Library, our food experiences were rather poor, until we came across the Treehouse Organic Foodshop and Restaurant. Seating is on the first and second floors, with lovely views from the windows. I had a delicious saffron rissotto with roast fennel, red peppers, olive and goatcheese, and was amazed that this Spanish Dish was cooked by a German Chef in a Welsh Town!

A real must is the museum. We could have gone back again. Part of its charm is that it is in a Restored Edwardian Theatre. There were fine examples of Welsh Furniture, and other crafts. The whole interior of a one room croft had been painstakingly put together. I was touched by the fine love spoons which the helpful and knowledgeable receptionist explained were the equivalent of engagement rings.

I checked out the local yarn shop, hoping to find some local wool. Sadly they did not have any, but I came away with a pattern for a bunny with a jumper. They had the pattern in the window, which they sell to raise funds for a local charity.

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