Sunday, 4 April 2010

Baby Suprise Jacket and buns in the oven

Its taken me just three days to complete a little jacket. The pattern is a classic designed by Elizabeth Zimmerman, and this time I have knitted it up in Knitcol Trends by Adriafil. This 100% merino wool is machine washable, and has knitted up into a multicoloured jacket. The stitch definition is good, but I am not totally happy with how the colours have panned out, mainly green on the right hand side, and pink and orange on the left. The back is evenly coloured and patterned. I think a good choice of buttons will set it off nicely. As well as this blog, I write a little more about my knitting on Ravelry. Since joining this, I have found no end of inspiration and also have enjoyed sharing my own designs, and seeing what my knitting friends are up to.

On Friday, whilst nursing my toothache, I decided to work on this jacket whilst at the same time making some Easter buns....but having tried various times before, and not been satisfied, I decided to omit the crosses. I had just sufficient ground cinnamon for the buns, and was delighted to find a new stall, well I noticed it for the first time, selling spices at the market, and got a fresh supply. It was in a very adequate sealed cellophane bag, and so I am able to reuse my small glass jar at home. Nice one Warwick Market...two big carrier bags of fruit, veg, spice etc., and hardly any discardable unrecyclable packaging.

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  1. Oh I loved the little jacket and how the sleeves were different colours, I found it quite enchanting. And your hot cross buns look lovely Noelle, I can smell their spicy notes from here.