Monday, 5 April 2010

Easter Sunday Outing

We hadn't planned anything in advance this weekend, as we are waiting for some 'happy news'. After lunch in a warm conservatory, we decided to get well dressed, and venture out despite the cold. The bonus is the weather has been a little better than had been predicted, but a lot cooler than we have been used to in previous years, and after some very wet days, less rain.

Remembering that there was still one of the Shakespeare's sites we had not visited, we decided to have a drive out to Mary Arden's House. Against all expectations, there were far fewer visitors than would be normal, had the weather been warmer. We arrived at three and had a leisurely walk round the barns and farm houses and enjoyed the animals. I guess Mr and Mrs Goose summarise the waiting game this Spring.

Yet to be Mother Goose sits firm on her nest protected by yet to be Father Goose who got up each time any other animal went to close to their house. Neither duck nor hens were allowed near.

The pigs were enjoying a mid afternoon snooze. This 'toy' farm is beautifully set out, and there is a range of animals: cart horse, cattle, sheep and lambs, goats, geese, hens, and ducks. The barns have interesting crafts such as stone carving.

The interiors of the houses were set out as they would have been. The beds were made up with thick linen sheets and hand woven blankets, and as food had been cooked at lunch time in the kitchen, the house felt homely and lived in. In the parlour there was a beautifully carved piece of furniture catching the low sun.

As usual exit is only via the shop and there was plenty to tempt, including a well stocked sweet section.

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  1. Looks great - better than working all day....

    Mary Arden's House is the one we haven't been to either. Will have to put that right.