Monday, 19 April 2010

Lunch at Petit Gourmand

Mr S and I went out to celebrate the birth of our first grand daughter, and tried the Petit Gourmand. This was the first time there for us, and Sunday Lunch was first class. We both opted for the roast beef, which was the best I had had in a long time. Desert for me consisted of a perfect pannacotta with rhubarb and Mr S had crumble.

Bread, butter, wine, and salt and pepper were all excellent. Why mention such things, the reason was that the salt tasted so good, that I just had to ask what type it was. I love good salt and sadly my stash of sun evaporated salt from the basalt salines of Riviere Noire in Mauritius is coming to an end. I have other salts too in the cupboard.....

The waiter brought the tub of salt, and it was the new Cornish salt which we had seen recently mentioned in one of the many food programmes. I managed to source some at Waitrose, but then I found that our salt grinder, as I had previously found with the Mauritian salt was not working on this slightly damp crystalline substance.

Today my new salt and pepper mill from Salt and Pepper Mills Plus arrived. The ceramic Crushgrind mechanism is very efficient and easy to fill as there is no central metal bit. The salt grinder will grind any salt...and it is very easy to alter the grinding size. I've had quite a few grinders till now, and this is way ahead of the bunch. It works, it really now I have to find a home for my existing set, which is fine for the big hard crystal salt sold specially for salt grinders. I'm not too worried about salt intake as my blood pressure is towards the low side, and if my age is guaged by my blood pressure, I'm still in my teens. I've come to the time of life that I really want things 'to see me out', even that is many years off! And now we have a grand daughter to pass it on to.

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