Monday, 3 May 2010

Popina Book of Baking

Once I had over one hundred cookery books, and had to reduce them, so took them into work, and later that day our office charity box was the richer....

Slowly, very slowly the numbers are mounting up again. I do try to only get books from the Library, but there are a few, which really NEED to stay here. Whilst in Waitrose, I picked up a new book, and flicking through the pages, I knew that here gathered under one cover, were several things I would like to bake.
In her introduction Isidora Popovic 'urges you to use this book as a canvas for your own creations.' I loved this, as this is just how I use books. Her use of pizza dough to line savoury tarts lessens the amount of fat, so for my first trial of this I used her spelt pizza dough, but used just cooked fresh salmon and asparagus in the filling. I used the quantities of Greek yogurt, cheese etc recommended and felt it was a bit shallow, but it baked up just right...this is before it went into the oven. Next time I shall try hot smoked salmon.

The new season asparagus at the market was too tantalising, so two bunches were used for this and a soup. I took this over for Veronica when we went to visit the new addition to the family. V & I had a piece for our lunch, and the rest was portioned and stored in the freezer for snacks on another day. It was lovely.

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