Monday, 31 May 2010

Washing Disaster, felted gloves no use except to go in the wormery

Now I know what happens when a knitted item is machine washed, and what felted fabric looks like.

I did have a lovely pair of they just look like a piece of 'art' a colourful sculpture of a very small pair of gloves about the third of the size of the original, very thick and stiff. They were in the pocket of an old jacket which I had worn the previous day to the Steam Gala, and which was covered with smuts from the engines.

Here is a picture of them when I had just knitted them.

I was pretty upset, as this year I have really appreciated that this pair of knitted wool gloves is really very very much warmer than a leather pair.

Mr S was very sympathetic and in his way consoled me by saying that as I had knitted them, then I would be able to knit myself some more.

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