Monday, 31 May 2010

Mauritian Friends in Kenilworth

Mauritius is a small Island, and the world is a small place too, when people become friends. This picture of us was taken in Marie-Claire's living room. She is the very pretty lady at the front of the picture, also known by other names to people who knew her years ago, I met through Rita, (not in this picture). I am in the middle, and Nicole is on the right. Sometimes I feel that I am in a Russian Novel, with all the different names for the same person!
Nicole is Marie-Claire's school friend from Mauritius. They both came over to the UK to train and then to work, and have settled in England with their English Husbands. Last time that Nicole came over, and Marie-Claire invited me to join them, it turned out that they were at school with an old friend of mine, Marie-Noelle Brouard, and we are still trying to all get together again.

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