Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Kenilworth Festival

For residents of Kenilworth, there is so much on offer during the week.

We went to the Street Market, which was supposed to be a French one, but I would say more continental. I loved the French Soap Stall, and brought back a few bars to add to my Stash. Mr S favours glycerin soap, but loved the smell in the bathroom, and has accepted them for the hand wash basin. These are artisan made soaps: Savon de Marseille and come in a whole range of colours and scents. I wished I had taken a picture of the stall. I enjoyed my chat with the stall holder in French. When I first arrived there was no one browsing, so we just continued chatting. I took one of the little baskets and started to choose my soaps. There were deals for 2, 4 etc and for 6 it was £10, but I wanted 7, and we worked a deal for that too! Soon the stall was nearly one deep all along its length, and I tried to give the English for various types to some of the buyers. Next year, I reckon, I'll be going to the cash machine and getting a year's worth of soap. Already I have devised a system: use a bar for a few days, then back in the airing cupboard to harden up, and in the meantime have a change of scent before the nose gets too accustomed. The scent really does keep well throughout the bar.

The party in the park was a little larger than last year, and with a good turn out too!

There seemed to be many more stalls from 'small businesses', maybe a sign of the recession, that people are starting to work for themselves, and using such local gatherings to market their wares. There was such a large variety of food type stalls, that I think it would be a good idea for them to group together.

Jenny bought a cake to take back, and I thought that the cupcake display quite eye catching. There were some well hatted ladies too!

This design is by one of the members of sent 2 coventry.

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