Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to everyone.

We had our Easter ration of chocolate on Friday and maybe I shall think up a chocolate desert for later....

On Wednesday I helped a friend on her way to her daughters by accompanying her and carrying her bags to the Coach station at Coventry. Maybe it is something to do about age, but I couldn't see why we had to go so early that we had a wait for over an hour at Coventry. Despite my assurances, I could tell that my friend would be happier waiting at the coach station, so after fifteen minutes wait on a day which should have been spring like, but threaten snow and sleet, I was pleased to find a warm bus station cafe to sit in and wait. The reason why I am noting all this down, is that my friend slipped me £5, to buy myself an Easter Egg. Mr S and I had decided not to get Easter Eggs this year, so the £5 got us a nice box of chocolates!

On Easter Saturday, we ventured into Warwick. Its still feels like being on holiday, by this I mean that this would be the sort of place we would enjoy on our various away breaks. We walk around looking at the historic details, do a bit of window shopping, have a nice coffee etc. Warwick market on Saturdays is always interesting, and I have found a good stall with excellent fresh produce. Just in front of me, a lady asked about the large bunches of flat leaved parsley, which were large enough for a whole restaurant, and when they found half a bunch, we agreed to share that too! The mixed mushrooms always entice me too.

After that there is always a visit to the wool and quilting shops for me, and a peek at the trains in the toy shop for David.

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