Saturday, 8 September 2012

Butter Buns again

Its really wonderful that we are having some good weather at last.  This afternoon after a big nap much needed after several hours at the Leamington Food Festival, I went out to wash the car.  When I wash the car, Mr S is always grateful, and feels the need to recriprecate with lots of tidying up, washing up etc.

I was at the stage of carefully cleaning the alloy wheels when I sensed I was being observed....MC and Steve were there.  They had brought me a lovely present, and MC asked me about some specific details about the butter buns.  I've revised my previous blog, and added details about the second rise.  Anyway, MC has asked about coming over for a butter bun tutorial. 

I recently made up the recipe again, and used the batch of sweet dough to make butter buns and macatia ena coco, also known as coconut buns. 

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