Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Kenilworth in Bloom Judging Team

What a cheerful picture of us all.  The judging for the Kenilworth in Bloom 2012 Garden Competition is complete, all forms and results have been worked out, and it was time for the judges to get together.  The judges go out to the gardens usually in two, with one person taking photographs, though this year Bob choose the days with the best weather to go and take ones ready for our presentation evening.  With all the categories, the various judges seldom meet, and we enjoy having a get together once the work is done.  We choose Stoneleigh Abbey for this year's get together.  One of the judges:  Vicki runs the tea rooms, and as she was busy preparing for us, she's not in the picture. 

When I first arrived in Kenilworth and joined the Horticultural Club, I was invited to judge in the annual competition run by Kenilworth in Bloom.  After attending the monthly meetings for just over four years, I was 'persuaded' to take over the Chairmanship of the Group.  I'm still not sure about this, but am hoping that we can attract more members, and gradually revert back to a member without office.  We have two other officers our Secretary Janet and Sue who is currently Treasurer.  They are stalwarts of the group and do a wonderful job.

Yesterday I went to give a talk to the Kenilworth Rotary Club.  I had prepared my talk and pictures over the weekend, and arrived at the venue, with some trepidation....this was the first time I had given a talk with pictures using this generation of technology...This was the one I had up on the screen during dinner.

I fumbled a little with the pictures during my talk, and realised that I just could not manage without a mouse, actually I would have liked to have someone operating the computer!! 

At our presentation evening, I shall definitely need someone to control the pictures for me.  Bob Watson has put all the pictures together ready for our evening.  Bob has recently come on board and helped out the band of volunteers which make up Kenilworth in Bloom.  On Radio 4 this morning, there were discussions on how to take forward the surge in volunteering in the wake of the Olympic Games.  Kenilworth in Bloom would love some new volunteers to help out with varying aspects of our work which range from dead heading the flowers in our tubs, contacting the newspaper, writing letters, organising sponsorship, up do date communication etc.  Just in case anyone reading this would like to volunteer, or knows anyone who would like to join us, you'll be welcomed and your contribution appreciated, so please get in touch.

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