Friday, 28 December 2012


We set up our main dining table in the Conservatory this year.  We have a largish round table there, and all five of us would be able to sit round it in comfort, and we have a nice side table for the dishes etc.  All went well, but I don't seem to have taken any pictures.....

I had taken a few of my baking:  the mince pies, tiny tarts and almond and cranberry tarts for my daughter in law

A couple of days before Christmas I made some stollen, and it is now nearly gone, but here it is at the stage when one is ready to roll up the dough with the marzipan:

On Christmas Eve I also baked our bread ready for breakfasts over the following few days.  I've made some individual buns in brioche tins, ready to pop straight into the freezer.

We've been out most days for long walks, and on Christmas Eve, we went to look at the Ford in Kenilworth.  With all the rain we had had, the road looked like a river, traffic was diverted, and people lined up on the side to view the water.  It rushed through the railings alongside the road, and the sound level was very high.

On the West side of the Castle it looked as if the Mere was being re created.

We've had a very wet year, too wet for comfort, and far too wet and devastating for farmers, and people who have lost homes and businesses.  My heart goes out to them.

On the other side of the World, it is very hot.  I've just spoken to my sister, and she has had to have the airconditionning on all day and night, and it is too hot to do anything but stay inside with the curtains drawn.......

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