Sunday, 16 December 2012

Savoury buns inspired by Chelsea and Sorrento

How can I describe these as Chelsea like, when really they ought to be Sorrento type?  Neither really, but inspired by both, here is a recent bake....

 Rolled up olive dough, filled with goats cheese, roasted red pepper, onions, olives....a few herbs, et voila, put the little rolls to rise in a large bag, heat the oven up,

plenty to tear and share, some to go in the freezer for later, and very easily carried for a picnic.....

delicious warmed up with a bowl of soup for lunch.


  1. they look lovely! what did you use to make the olive dough?

  2. My olive dough is just one I make with white flour, olive oil, and water, yeast, but with a long ferment to enhance the flavour, similar to a pizza dough.